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Enteroscope Storage

Enteroscope Storage

24” W X 12”D x 102”

  • Fits All Enteroscopes: 24” W X 12”D x 102” H

  • 24” W X 12”D x 102” H

  • Pull down scope manager allows for easy and ergonomic access to scopes

  • HEPA filter and 405NM clean wave lighting in compliance with SGNA | GI industry standards

  • FDA Approved soft grip material and backing prevents damage

  • Two piece construction make the cabinet easy to transport and maneuver into place

  • Removable bottom tray for maximum cleanability

  • Full length acrylic door allows quick visual inspection for inventory compliance

  • Standard key lock with optional push button electronic lock


Enteroscope Storage Cut Sheet
Enteroscope Storage Specs
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